It is the foremost goal of every TEDx curator that our work be recognized by TED officially, in the archiving of our Speakers’ presentations. We are thrilled to actually have our own listing on YouTube:

Here we present our TED-approved Speakers, most recent listed first. We are very proud of their achievement, and ours as a team, especially as this is our very first TEDx event. We are humbled by this honor. Please enjoy our TED Speakers!

Dave Clark: Teen/adult dialogue on the subject of faith

Brennen Tien & Henry John Tien: How to make anything out of paper

Chris Gregory: Everyone needs someone

Deborah Reisdorph: The bullying tipping point: It starts with me and you

Zachary Rosenberg: L3: Helping families worldwide live, learn and love Math

Chaney Lieberman: How to save a society

Danielle Lee: Never give up; never surrender

Bill Wong: Preparing to age in place: it starts sooner than we think

Armando Quintana: Treat every conversation like a first date

Seth Eaker: Keeping momentum: decision points in your life

Arik Schneider: Why the free market works

Madison Berry: Life lessons from baseball

Daniel Midson-Short: Remote control